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A 90-minute masterclass where launching your programs, services and offerings becomes FUN AF so you can do it multiple times a year, all year long.

I would limit how often I did it because 5 years ago when I started my business, I was sold(and believed) the idea that it had to be a ‘stressful time’ where I had to be on social media HEAPS, had to push push push, be available for a million questions and post 2-3 times a day.

UGHHHHHHH, I feel my body cringe as I write this because the truth is, my energy around launches and launching was leaky AF… but that’s the thing right? Most coaches I know have the leakiest mindset and energy around launching and it influences their businesses ability to grow.

Why? Because they get ideas and park them out of fear of having another ‘failed launch’... so they would work behind the scenes to PERFECT the launch strategy and emotionally prep themselves for the ‘storm’ they would inevitably endure.

I’m not going to lie, I used to HATE launching…

I don’t know about you but that does NOT sound fun to me at all!

ok I fell seen, i need this

I remember when I used to hate launching, I would literally have dozens of ideas a week and think ‘oh no I can’t launch multiple offers at a time, it will confuse people’ or ‘I don’t want to share that, I don’t have space for it’ or ‘Probably no one wants this and I need to spend 2-days perfecting my copy for it anyway’ - lies, lies and MORE LIES lol.

The truth was, the way I energetically showing up for a launch was leaky, my strategy was leaky and it influenced how I ran my business. The thoughts I used to have and now support my business clients move through are ‘what if no one signs up?’ & ‘What if no one cares?’& ‘This is so exhausting’

And I reckon we both know that kind of energy does NOT breed/bring/activate magnetism on socials and selling in general.

It feels draining and I can guarantee you it’s influencing how you energetically show up to your launch and how often you let yourself launch too..

But I promise you, it does NOT have to be this way at all… we’ve been programmed to view launching as a super difficult thing, but what if we were actually just making it harder than it needed to be?

What if there were soulmate clients in your audience that are SO FUCKING READY for exactly what you have to launch?

The truth of the matter is: 

Launching is as FUN as you allow it to be. 

And in my world… it’s really fucking fun.

I'm ready for it to be fun af

I genuinely love it AND I know it’s time for you to love it too.

Launching does NOT have to be:

  • Checking your email 500 times a day hoping someone bought 
  • Anxiously checking numbers on who clicked your link or is looking at your stories 
  • Avoiding social media 
  • Feeling overwhelmed AF while severely lacking creativity and joy

It gets to be fun, exciting and a joyful part of the business… but you have to be willing to do things differently.

Now when I launch, I see it as the most fun way of connecting with my soul-mate clients… In my body and my soul I feel the excitement of sharing my work and allowing people to join in too. My clients are getting EXACTLY the transformation they want and I’m getting paid for it… how good is that?

I have expansive systems I lean into AND my energetics are solid AF.




  • 90 minutes of a masterclass where we delve into the mindset, strategy and energetics of launching to have it become FUN AF
  • Access to my super simple launch plan strategy toolkit
  • Knowing what to do energetically and strategically when it aint hitting (and not making it mean you’re a failure)

I'm ready to go!

What’s included in this masterclass:

I'm all in for the bundle baby

then join in on the bundle offering here for $555 to gain access to both the LAUNCH ENERGETICS masterclass and my SELLING SIMPLIFIED masterclass too.

If you want to nail your launch energetics AND your ability to SELL like a powerhouse…