A 90-minute masterclass to make selling sexy and simple. Combining marketing and ethical sales knowledge, ALONGSIDE mindset and energetic tools so you can show up to selling in your coaching business with lightness and ease.

i want in!

say no more, i am in

Yes, even if you’re in a spiritual one.

AND if you feel horrible about it, like you’re doing something ‘sleazy’ or wrong… then you’re selling in a MISALIGNED way and the energetics around selling need to change because there are people in the world who need your work, services and offerings but if you can’t or aren’t selling… they will struggle to find you.

I’ll be honest, if you struggle with selling… trust me, I used to be you. I would think ‘ugh I don’t want to be annoying’, ‘I don’t want my current clients to be mad if I share new offers’, ‘I don’t want to appear money hungry or greedy’.

I’m going to be real… if you’re in a business, you have to sell your offerings.

f*ckkkk i need this

I, like you (if you’re still reading this) viewed selling in the WORST light. 

I genuinely hated it, I made it wrong… And my strategies to sell were sooooooooo outdated… think ‘hustle, bro culture vibes’ - that was what I did early days and, surprise surprise, it didn’t convert lol.

But, I hunkered down… expanded on my business strategy knowledge and really uncovered what was underneath the fears of selling to completely clear those leaks. 

And now, selling to me is sexy and simple. Full of beautiful conversations… and the same is true for my clients.

In fact, I believe being really good at marketing and selling your offerings is for the highest good of all.

Why? Because it means your life-changing, mind-blowing work is being witnessed and SEEN by so many more people. 

AND I also believe that everytime a client pays you (aka. They become sold into your offering)… they are getting exactly what they want and signed up for.

It’s not actually slimy OR gross … but when we do it from a misaligned place, it sure as hell will feel that way.

But, it is not. It is f*cking powerful and if you have felt your marketing and sales techniques to be ‘slimy’ it’s time to shift those stories because your offerings have the power to completely alter the course of someone’s life!

We’ve been conditioned to think that selling is gross… that having a service-based business changing lives AND making money is gross. 

I'm ready to love selling

You’ve got some work to do, so that selling becomes SEXY and ENJOYABLE for you.

So, If you have the thoughts like:

  • ‘Oh my god everyone must think I’m so annoying’
  • ‘I look so greedy always offering more’
  • ‘I need to convince people that this is worth it’




  • A total mindset and energetic revamp on what it means to sell your offers online and how to do it in a non-leaky way
  • How to handle objections (low & high level) like a grounded f*cking queen
  • My structures around selling different offerings and how to make it feel and BE easy af
  • Understanding the biggest marketing biases and how to fully harness their magic in the online area

I'm ready to go!

What’s included in this masterclass:

I'm all in for the bundle baby

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